We are always humbled by the kind words from our customers. Here are some emails we've received regarding our bolos and customer experience.

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Bolo knife! Extremely sharp & rugged, makes a much better tool than a hatchet. Great craftsmanship! I plan to order from you again near the holidays!
A. Conley
Colorado, USA


All Purpose Bolo, Jungle Survival Bolo B- Mahogany Handle, Filipino Bushcraft Knife - Straight Back Rattan Neck Pouch First of all great, customer oriented, friendly service. Extremely good communication.  Shipping- well...only TWO!!!! days from Philippines to Ohio USA!!!! Parcel- neat, items secured well for the long trip. The Blades I ordered are hand made. Bolos are very well balanced with ergonomic handles. I have been looking for real bolo knife, not satisfied with production bolo knifes I finally found what I was looking for. I wanted not only the tough tool but also unique and I now I have it!!! The knife is right made for camping utility works.Neck pouch handmade- amazing craftsmanship, cool stuff, for me the right size for two packs of cigarettes and the lighter ( bad habit I know), dog treats, tactical flashlight etc etc.Thank you for great service and unique blades. 
-T. Adamski
Ohio, USA


We were fortunate enough to be contacted by George Kefford, an amazing young man and adventurer from Australia, who was looking for a reliable and durable for his most recent expedition. Here's what he had to say about our rattan bolo-- 
"Peak 2 Pacific was a success! Thank you for all of the support, the bolo really did help with clearing a path. My mate who did it with me had a gerber machete, it was clear to see that my bolo outperformed his in every way, it cut through the vines superbly. I'll be sure to use it for my next expedition to walk, cycle and kayak the entire length of the Brisbane river."


I received the bolos. Thank you very much. I'm very impressed with your product. I have many different Filipino weapons, but these by far, are the most raw, ready to use, and sturdiest tools I have ever purchased. I am overwhelmed by the craftsmanship of these blades. I am very happy to promote your product and will be sending you more business. Again, thank you and those who make these amazing bolos possible. 
-J. Morris 
New Jersey, USA

I received today my Pangasinan Jungle Survival Bolo. It's a very solid, well made, well proportioned, tool. I'm very happy with my purchase, overall service, and fast shipping. A beautiful Bolo that will last me a very long time. Thanks for making my day and many more to come.
-L. Silva
Florida, USA